Few businesses and digital marketers will dispute how important social media is. While having a social presence is crucial in today’s business environment, you need to make sure you’re leveraging it so that your digital marketing strategy can benefit as well.

There are many moving parts to creating a comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy. Earning high-quality backlinks is one important element of an SEO campaign. Spammy link building strategies, however, will do you more harm than good. With Google continuously updating their SEO algorithms, your best bet is to stay up to date with changes and use social media to your advantage.

Many content marketers use blogging as part of their link building strategies, and social media is no different. Sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious, for example, can be used to post your content and give you potential link opportunities.

Another good option is to use social media to increase your local SEO. If you are a painter in Johannesburg, for example, then posting content with these keywords on social media sites will increase your chances of getting picked up if someone types the keywords on social media. Snapchat also offers on-demand geofilters that you can use to select certain geographical parameters and dates.

Keep in mind that social sites have high domain authority and ranking potential. Even if you’ve determined that LinkedIn, for example, isn’t going to be part of your company’s social media strategy, then you can still create a profile page for your company to increase your brand awareness and create opportunities for a search listing.

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