When you are in the process of launching or planning your social media marketing campaign, always be transparent. Never try to hide what you are doing. Engage with your target audience and don’t start with only broadcasting sales pitches. This should always be avoided even if your marketing department is only interesting in selling. This approach will never work.

Social media campaigns designed to push a message relentlessly will turn off social media participants immediately. Internet marketers have to learn new strategies and take a lower key in presentation. With social media there is less room for publicity and much more room for serious discussions.

Maintaining your social media campaign

When you have launched your social media campaign, it is very important that you maintain it. Your campaign requires time and commitment to accomplish your goals. Don’t give up too soon.  A common example is launching a blog for your organization and you never post new content on the blog. It is important to keep the campaign active.

The key with any social media marketing campaign is to build up a database of interested followers that you can connect and engage with. It is almost like building a direct email list except you now have to chance to communicate directly with your “list” online. Building your followers and network requires capturing ongoing trust of the participants and always taking care not to abuse that trust.

With your social media campaign, there will always be some grey areas because audience interests are fragmented and coalitions of interests may be passing. You will notice with your campaign that sometimes that your hard-core followers are few and your occasional supporters many. One of the big challenges with any social media campaign is how to motivate the entire group.

Try to run your social media campaign with flexibility so that you can adjust your message based on what is effective. I have noticed that initial social media approaches are scattered using a range of methods. One tries a number of different tactics and keep the ones that works while dispensing the ones that doesn’t. There may never be true tactics because of the nature of social media and all the different audiences.

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