Landing pages are a VITAL part of your Online Marketing strategy. They are mostly used for PPC – and if you’re really savvy you’ll have a Landing Page for every ad group.

If you’re dumping prospects on your Home Page and not using Landing Pages to capture them then this could result in several disastrous scenarios including:

  • They could get lost on your Home Page
  • If they have trouble finding your offer then they’ll give up quickly and go to your competitors
  • Landing on the Home Page could result in the desired action being ignored in favour of some other product/service on your website that you’re not pushing

You don’t want prospects randomly browsing your site. You want them to respond to your specific offer and engage with a desired Call to Action.

After prospects take advantage of your offer on the Landing Page it is important you follow up with the lead. Be prepared by having follow up messages that roll out automatically. The whole idea of Lead Generation is to capture contact data and then press ahead with email and other communicative avenues.

Remember to get the crucial data you need to begin a continuing marketing effort.