Return on Investment (ROI) is very important in inbound marketing campaigns. It shows whether marketing campaigns are successful in attracting visitors, and converting them into customers. Every marketing campaign needs to measure the ROI or else data on how effective the inbound marketing is will be lost.

You can measure the ROI through identifying goals of content marketing such as:


This involves large numbers of people knowing about your marketing campaign. The awareness can come from using SEO techniques (like increasing the number of visitors to websites through link building), and social media marketing strategies (like social media mentions to generate interest). Increase in awareness leads to increase in the ROI of B2B marketing.


This is another way of measuring the ROI of inbound marketing. Under engagement focus is on how customers engage with the content. The following content marketing metrics (systems of measurement) indicate whether there is engagement with customers; email sign-ups, comments and social shares.

Increase in page views

The number of visitors your website receives is also used to find the ROI of the inbound marketing campaign. Increase in page views leads to increase in traffic, indicating a good ROI on your digital marketing strategy.

Increase in Social Media Activity

Increase in social media activity is also used to measure ROI Inbound marketing. Factors considered include:

  • Improvement in social selling on the website
  • Number of people that follow marketing campaigns through social media
  • Number of pages shared on social media
  • Level of user engagement

Increase in Conversion rates

An increase in conversion rates shows that an inbound marketing campaign is effective. Analyse conversion rates to measure the ROI. A key indicator is performance of landing pages in attracting new visitors, and converting them into customers during online advertising.

Revenue Growth

Use trends such as revenue growth during a marketing campaign to know the ROI. You can use channels like PPC (Pay-Per-Click), from where some of the sales come from, to decide whether there is ROI of inbound marketing or not.

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