The online universe is expanding on a daily basis and as a business it pays to keep your digital marketing strategy up to speed. Consumers that drive most businesses are techno-savvy, 21st Century individuals who are constantly finding new ways to engage, chat and share their interests and information.

By staying clued up on all the latest websites, tools and social media networking platforms, you open up valuable channels for direct contact with your target audience that will help develop loyal and trustworthy relationships as well as provide valuable information on what your consumers are interested in so that you can structure your content marketing accordingly.

Five new sites and tools

  • Mirage. When you sign up for this app, all your contacts are immediately added. This messaging app allows you to send video, photo, text and voice messages which can only be viewed once. After they have been seen, they disappear, much like a real mirage.
  • Movli. This is a site which takes its information directly from your personal preferences. Movie suggestions, celebrity information and more is shared according to the personal tastes of your friends and contacts.
  • Tox. This is an instant messaging service with video conferencing features. What makes this unique is that all messages are encrypted and video calls secure, guaranteeing the privacy of the participants.
  • Mitproxy. This console can be very valuable to businesses that deal directly with customer queries. This programme allows you to save and replay HTTP conversations as well as intercept, inspect and edit traffic flows.
  • Scribbleton. This is a great way to keep personal records of anything you like without having it sent to any outside servers.

At WSI OMS, we will help you equip your staff with all the necessary knowledge and tools to propel your digital marketing strategy into the stratosphere. We can help your business tap into the full potential of social media marketing, mobile marketing and much, much more by developing a unique plan that is directly applicable to you.

For more information on what WSI OMS can do for your business, contact us today.

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