There is a lot of uncertainty with Google ranking factors currently, which is driving the SEO industry crazy. The search engine giant continuously introduces new updates, which can make it seem like an overwhelming task to keep up.

I will be hosting a webinar entitled Stay Ahead of Google Updates and Prepare for SEO Today and Tomorrow on Tuesday, 2 June at 18:30 GMT+2. During this webinar, you will learn that SEO is much more than “if I rank #1 for my product/services keywords then I win; If I don’t, I lose” and think beyond keywords. Some of the topics I’ll discuss during the webinar include competition monitoring, content strategy, website health, keyword visibility and page performance.

How do I check my website’s health?

Healthy websites are key to improving organic traffic results. I’ll show you the indicators of a healthy website.

How does content impact my SEO strategy?

Using a pillar content strategy, you can publish ‘topic-based’ content to support your SEO. I’ll show you how this approach works.

How do I improve my page performance and keyword visibility?

During the webinar, I will also show you how increased organic traffic to your product or service page can improve your page performance. You will also learn why it’s better to focus on multiple keyword phrases for each product or service – not just a select few.

Continuing with the old school SEO mindset will just set you up for failure. Join my one hour tomorrow to find out how you can prepare for SEO today and in the future. Save your seat now.