How can you use web design to create a website that provides instant trust? First, it’s important to understand exactly what is meant by “instant trust”. Millions of people browse millions of websites on a daily basis, and when they land on your page, you typically have just under few seconds in order to engage them, peak their interest and make a good impression, or else they’ll go back and start their search all over again. If your user stays on your page after those initial seconds, you have effectively created instant trust.

Creating instant trust with web design includes:

  • Humanising your website. People don’t like being forced to talk to a machine when they make a phone call, and in the same sense they don’t like to feel like they’re interacting with a machine when they’re on a website. Showcase your staff prominently on your website, whether it’s all of your employees or just the executive team. When updates are published, include the person’s photograph alongside the update. Remind people that there are actual humans behind your brand.
  • Make sure all contact information is displayed clearly and is easy to find. No one likes to have to click around multiple times in order to find your contact information, and it might give the impression that you don’t want people to contact you. It’s also wise to include links to all of your social media pages as well.
  • Give people an opportunity to share feedback. Whether it’s through a comments section, forum or other means of communication, let people know that their comments, questions and suggestions are welcome and wanted.

At WSI, our web design team can help you build a website that creates instant trust. Whether you need to start from scratch or want to improve upon what you already have, we are standing by and ready to help you turn your website into your most valuable piece of internet real estate.

To learn more about web design services from WSI, please contact us today!

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