Successful digital marketing, like traditional marketing, depends on you knowing your market: your potential customers, what they like, don’t like and how to encourage them to buy your product. You must take stock of your target market’s shared characteristics. The market segment that this applies to the most is the ‘Millennials’ because they are online – right now.

Also called Generation ‘Y’, Millennials constitute the market segment most receptive to digital marketing: twice as likely to look for goods and services and shop online as their parents, the preceding Generation X. Millennials are also world citizens with short attention spans, low boredom thresholds and voracious appetites for all the internet offers – particularly social media and visual media platforms and online stores.

Social Media Marketing – be there and be seen and heard

Millennials live one life in the ‘real world’ but an increasingly equally valid life online – one that allows them to be anywhere and go anywhere – literally with a click. So, it’s not just enough for you to know who they are. Because they are constantly on the move; you should also know where they are and where they are going. ‘Where’ they are and ‘where they are going’ are not physical places: they are addresses that start with http://…  Particularly pages on social platforms! If you want to ensure the success of your digital marketing campaign, you must make sure you are there to meet them and engage with them.

You must have a presence on the most popular social media platforms such a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. But, you also need to be seen and heard. It’s no good standing there like a wallflower. You need to get to the centre of the room and attract attention with witty repartee and flawless dance moves – this is where the various techniques involved in social media marketing come in.

Getting Millennials to your website – SEO & content marketing

Social media is not enough to keep up though. If you want to capture Millennial spending power, you should be hosting the next bigger and better party they’ll want to go to. Everyone has a website these days, including your competitors. If you want to be ‘found’ before them, you must ensure that your digital marketing strategy includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO will help your website compete in search results. Superb website design is best complemented through a professionally designed and managed SEO strategy. One that includes the on-going content marketing and link building between the websites, blogs and social media platforms that you need to stay competitive.

Is your digital media strategy keeping up with the Millennials? If you are sitting back and waiting for them to find you because you now have a Facebook Page and a snazzy looking website, they won’t. They are already at someone else’s party.

WSI OMS will build and manage a digital marketing strategy to keep you in the limelight. Contact us today for more information on how to capture your share of the Millennial Market!

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