Recent surveys and analysing of shares and posts revealed that 50% of content gets eight or less shares and even fewer links. A constant supply has resulted in content getting less engagement than ever before. It’s not that the content is dropping in quality either – there’s just so much great content that the bar has raised higher.

‘Content shock’, a term coined by Mark Schaefer, refers to content supply that is exponentially exploding while content demand is flat. Many social sites with great content are experiencing a dramatic drop in traffic. Some have responded by increasing their content output, which has led to more total shares, but still less per post.

Is there anything you can do to ensure your content doesn’t compound the content shock problem? There is, actually, starting with more research. Many people rush into content production without enough research, which leads to a gap in the information as to why and how content resonates with your audience. If you have investigated the content your audience likes, shares and engages with, you can align your content creation to fit. If your content answers questions that your audience is asking, you stand a much better chance at content success. It also helps to know what your competitors are doing and finding out what content works for them.

Finding the right platform for your content is another way to get it shared. By understanding who will read, share and link to your content, you’ll have the upper hand. Social networks play a huge role in content discovery, but that doesn’t mean your content will lead to links. People share for different reasons, so it’s vital to have a strategy in place for link building.

Monitoring your content shares and keeping track of changing trends can be an eye-opener. Social sharing takes place quickly, so an article you schedule for posting a week ahead about something trending today, will not get the shares you hope for, no matter how great the piece. Knowing what the hot topics are and responding to issues of your audience is a definite step in the right direction.

If you are finding your content is not getting its time in the spotlight, contact us and we’ll review your content marketing strategy, as well as look at the way you use social media in your business.

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