Is your blog content marketing strategy unfocused or focused? If you have a blog for your business, should it have a purpose? The truth is, if you want good results from blogging, it should always reflect your business goals and work hand in hand with your social media and internet marketing strategy.

Business blog marketing is not the same as personal blogging. In many instances personal blogs are a form of an online diary. Business blogs is a bit different and should be focused toward a specific purpose. This could be for building relationships, branding and engaging directly with your targeted audience. Find below a couple of reasons why unfocused blogging is not the way to go.

Unfocused blogging

Your visitors will be confused: Mixing various subjects will be hard to read and get a grip on what you are saying. A blog about weddings should not give advice on swimming pools. Readers will be less likely to return to a blog that discusses a variety of different topics.

Brand building: Rambling and not getting to the point with your blog posts will show disorganization and a lack of focus. Readers will interpret this as someone who cannot stay on the topic. If branding yourself as the expert in your niche is important, then a focused and on topic blog is crucial.

Search rankings: Aimlessly wandering blog posts confuses the search engines and they are not able to identify the topic and message of your business blog. An unfocused blog with unfocused content is unlikely to appear on the first page for the keywords you are after.

If you are interested in creating a focused business blog, here’s a couple of benefits you can enjoy with one.

  • Build up a loyal reader base
  • Bring in targeted traffic
  • Get regular returning visitors that are interested in what you have to say
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Become an industry expert
  • Positive brand building
  • Generate quality sales leads
  • Get better organic search engine rankings
The idea is simple, if you want good results with your business blog, plan and follow a focused plan for your blog.