I don’t want to overemphasize the importance of design as from an SEO perspective experienced digital marketers can work with most creative design…with the exception of an entire site built in ‘flash’!, but I do want to mention a little about it as there are some common mistakes made.

Once you have your ‘marketing dashboard’ of site analytics and statistics collected from your site’s traffic, take a look at what pages visitors are looking at and where they are navigating afterwards. When looking at this kind of data for our many clients we have found that about 80% of your site’s visitors will never click to anything else linked on the page they are looking at. Most of the others will click to no more than three other pages.

When you view your logs, notice where this is happening and on what pages and use this to improve your ‘persuasion architecture’ to drive visitors down a sales funnel. If your site requires more than a single page-view to get to the meat of what you are offering, you are throwing away your traffic. This is another area where the concept of synergy is very pronounced. Linking within the site in context in addition to having major links in a sidebar, header, and somewhere below-the-fold is a good idea. Don’t be afraid to run your own “ads” on your site within content.

As much as people say they hate ads on pages, they are found there because they work! You may want to use a simple script to rotate different ads that link to services and products available on your business website. One final point on design is more of a warning that anything else. Have you noticed how so many of the websites out there look so much alike? That isn’t necessarily because it’s a good idea to look like everything else.

Try to balance functionality with uniqueness; after all, there is no law that says you have to use a standard three-column design and the normal 7/8 page website which could be pages like Home, About Us, Product, Services, Contact us ,FAQ etc. For some really good site examples from www.wsioms.c.za