Kickstarter is an online-based crowdfunding website that allows start-ups, seed businesses and other unfunded business ideas to solicit financial support from the entire internet. Each Kickstarter page is easily shareable via social media and people can easily search the Kickstarter website for products and services they want to fund.

How has Kickstarter changed today’s business environment?

  • It’s changed the way we think about money entirely. In the past, the biggest obstacle that entrepreneurs and start-ups faced was funding from investors. Now with sites like Kickstarter that use crowdsourcing, getting the initial funding necessary to get off the ground can be easier.
  • Kickstarter makes it easy to share campaigns via social media. If you find a particular campaign you really like and want other people to know about, you can share it on your social media pages. Celebrities have been known to tweet and post about Kickstarter pages, garnering the campaigns plenty of attention.
  • Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs and start-ups to get creative with very low initial costs. Once you register with Kickstarter, you can upload photos, videos and more to let everyone know what your campaign is all about. Consider it the ultimate pitch to investors, but visible to the entire internet!

Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter have without a doubt changed the business environment for seed companies and start-ups. When people find a campaign they are passionate about, all they have to do to share it with all of their contacts is make a simple social media post or send an e-mail.

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