Social Media Marketing is one of the top trends on marketing your business on the internet today.  Every business should be developing plans and strategies in place to make use of Social Media Marketing (SMM).  Why is SMM so important? Social Media Marketing is important because your customers and competition are using it…every day.

What is Social Media?

Social Media includes social networking, micro blogging, blogs, networking, photo sharing, video sharing, content sharing, collaboration pages such as wiki pages, etc.  Social Media includes Web 2.0 channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more.  Social Media implies a two-way interaction rather than one way monologues.  It involves conversing with your customers and to build relationships in the process.

Why would you use Social Media?

Your customers are using it: There are millions of people participating in social networking sites, reading blogs and listen to podcasts every day.  These people are from business to consumer and business to business sectors.

Your competition might be using it: More small and medium-sized businesses are stepping on the social media bandwagon.  Search on popular social media channels for mentions of your competition.  Sometimes it’s fun to be the spy.

Cost effective: Most social media channels are free to use.  Reach targeted audiences without having to lay down a single cent.  Well this can not always be true.  Social media takes time and effort but the benefits you can receive from this out weights the costs involved.

Website Traffic: Using Social Media Marketing can bring in huge amounts of traffic and links back to your website or online profile.  Social Media is not only popular with readers, but search engines gives high importance to links from some social media channels.

Extending your reach: Social Media Marketing can introduce you to new prospects.  Traditional media reaches a different audience than social media.

There are thousands of Web 2.0 channels and options available to your company.  What is really exciting about this is that it can give your company the opportunity to be the leader in your market and niche.

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