Have you ever questioned what Online Marketing is in simple words? You do not need any knowledge of specific online entrepreneurial slang to answer that. Online or Internet Marketing has the aim of grabbing a bigger part of the online market for your product.

Content Marketing

One of the most crucial parts in the successful internet marketing campaign is to make sure you get as much free traffic from Google and other search engines for the keywords in your niche; And when combined with PPC (Pay per Click) you will quickly create a stable stream of the ‘right’ visitors for your products online.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Is your business lost in the cyber desert of the World Wide Web? Without a clear-cut goal and a marketing strategy to brand your company, like many others it may die right before you very eyes.

What is goal of an Internet Marketing Strategy?

I’m sure that you have heard of a little company named Coca Cola. Even those of us who drink products made by other companies call their favorite cool drink a Coke. That is Branding. Kleenex is another example of branding. No one uses tissue paper they use Kleenex, no matter who makes the product. I hear what you are saying. Those companies spent millions of dollars developing their brands and creating their market.

You would be right. However, I would respond with the truth that the rest of us need to be better at both branding our products and marketing them, than those large companies because of the size of our (currently) reducing budgets that we have to make work all the harder.

Spending ‘Small ‘and looking ‘Big’!

It is unlikely that your company will be going head to head with the likes of other giant corporate businesses. Instead we have our own giants that we need to defeat. The task seems to be just as daunting though because they seem to dominate everywhere your company wants to be on the Internet.So, how do we accomplish being able to look ‘big’ and carve out our niche on a shoestring budget?

Strategy is the keyword.

We must develop a strategy using our competitions strengths against them. We will need an experienced Internet marketing Company to help you look for and gather this information. WSI is such a company, having a global presence which enables all WSI consultants to tap into their world wide recourses, finding and using the right tools to provide information and give us all the data we need for a full online ‘Competitor Analysis’, straight from every competitors URL, in order to develop a strategy for each niche market that should be pursued.

Niche Markets

The goal here is to take these niche markets that you wish to develop and wrap your brand promise around each product that is being promoted. Yes it is important to target for immediate sales for the product or niche of choice.

But it is more important to interweave your products into your overall brand and strategy. How do we then develop a strategy that ultimately allows the spread of our ideas so that both existing and new potential clients begin to recognize us and therefore trust in us so that they will buy the products that we promote?

It is the spreading of those ideas in a consistent and goal oriented ways that give us the “edge.” The consistency of how we spread those ideas through the available medium is what gives us our brand. Our goal is to touch people over and over and over until they buy our products and the most effective and cost effective medium is the internet and every campaign can also be measured providing a true ROI.

We must deliver our products in such a manner that people will talk to their friends and collogues about it, because, as you know, word of mouth is the best and least expensive form of marketing next to Internet Marketing.

About the Author:

Jamie MacLeod has over 25 years experience mostly working for or with large corporate companies developing effective ‘below the Line’ marketing strategy.  If you have questions, comments or opinions, feel free to email me jamie@wsioms.co.za or visit our website at www.wsioms.co.za (WSI –We Simplify the Internet) is an Online Marketing Consultancy with a track record of building on-line business through innovative marketing , content marketing and social media strategies.

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