With content marketing costing around 60% less than traditional marketing and generating three times as many leads, it’s no surprise that the online space is being flooded with content. The commonest forms of content marketing include newsletters, blogs and social media posts, helping companies create brand awareness and connect with their customers. Interactive content marketing is an exciting way to stand out of the crowd and to earn the attention of your audience and increase engagement.

Interactive content marketing is different as it guides the audience through a uniquely personal experience, based on their needs. For example, a quiz addressing specific issues, or an app that gathers data before reaching a recommendation are ways of creating an individual experience. It’s more engaging than traditional content, as it requires input from the audience. Partaking in a quiz or interactive white paper will keep your audience for longer than a blog post. Interesting apps or surveys save your potential customers from reading through the many articles and blog posts to find what they need. Using interactive content marketing will set you apart from your competitors – most of whom are still participating in content marketing only. Having your audience spending more time on your content and sharing it more readily gives you the edge on your competition.

One of the most compelling reasons to be using interactive content marketing, is that it creates a more memorable experience. Using content that requires the audience’s interaction will help them remember your message, make them feel involved, giving them a vested interest in seeing it through to the outcome.

There are a number of tools available for creating more interactive content; here are some examples:

  • ThingLink – this platform allows users to bring their photos and videos to life through the inclusion of rich media links. By adding multiple engagement points to a photo or video, users are able to create a unique experience that encourages the user to interact for longer.
  • ContentTools – offering seven different types of interactive content, this platform aims at helping businesses generate leads, drive website traffic and increase social engagement. These are:
  • Personality quiz
  • Trivia – challenge your audience with a trivia based quiz
  • Polls – opinion based pooling tool
  • Ranker – collect crowdsourced rankings from your audience on any topic
  • Can you guess – informative, numerical quizzes
  • Caption this – encourage engagement by asking your audience to submit a caption for an image
  • Contests – collect valuable information about your audience by using giveaways from your site
  • Zaption – an interactive video tool designed to engage learners by prompting them with clarifying questions throughout an educational video. A great tool for training, this type of video-based learning can be used to demonstrate new methods, operating instructions, etc. It is designed to differentiate instruction and keep it interesting.

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