Instagram, the free photo-sharing social network, announced that they will be introducing profiles on the web.

Up to now you could only view profiles from within the app on Android and Apple devices. There is no need to claim your vanity URL, your Instagram URL will read as The public profile will show your profile image, bio, statistics as well as a live collage with your most recent Instagrams. If you have set your photo’s to public they will be visible to anyone on the web whereas private photo’s will require a login.

Features of Instagram web profiles:

  1. Vanity URLS determined by your username
  2. Follow users, like and comment on photos directly from the web
  3. Edit your Instagram profile online
  4. Easily share your profile online
  5. Photo’s set to public will be visible to anyone
  6. Live banner image with your recent photos

Nike’s Instagram web profile:

 New Instagram web profile

Instagram web profiles gives users a way to easily drive traffic to their profiles by sharing their photo’s and profiles on social media platforms such as Twitter or Pinterest. Organisations using Instagram will also be delighted that they can now share their snapshots with anyone on the web, not just Instagram users.

In their blog earlier this week, Instagram has noted that you will not be able to add photo’s via the web as they are still focused on photo sharing from mobile devices. If you are an Instagram user you should be receiving your web profile within a few days, in the mean time, why not check out Nike’s (@nike) web profile.

If you are not on Instagram yet, now might be the time to sign up. Teaming up Pinterest and Instagram web profiles will make for powerful visual social media tools. Need help with your social media? Contact WSI OMS.