One of the main hurdles in coming up with a design for a website is finding the inspiration for the creative process. From the top web designs in the world to Pinterest, here are some places on the World Wide Web where you can find top inspiration:

  • Cool Home Pages is a collection of some of the world’s best web designs. Browse for a while to see what the latest design trends are, typography designs, techniques and more. A few minutes in this site will have the creative juices flowing in no time.
  • Create a web design board on Pinterest. Let’s say you’re designing a site for a beach holiday resort. Open a new board in Pinterest and search for images of things that evoke the beach holiday vibe. Add pictures of bikinis, palm trees and ocean waves. Start a new board for each design project. After a while, common colour themes and shapes will become more apparent and you will be well on your way. Having a main board of things you’ve randomly stumbled upon will also do wonders for your creative process.
  • Colour palette generators are also great for inspiration, especially if the colours you have to work with aren’t particularly exciting. Getting tips on complimentary colours will help you see the colours in a way you haven’t before, and soon that dull site will be beautiful. Visit Design Seeds for amazing palettes, with thousands of images at your disposal. Think the jewel tones of a parrot or the berry pinks of strawberry shortcake.

These are just some of the places on the web to find some amazing inspiration that will really get you going with your new design project. Once inspiration is found, the perfect design is right around the corner.

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