Whether you’re rolling into the club or strolling down the street, you can always measure your presence by the number of eyes that glance in your direction. But how is your presence, your ‘influence,’ measured online? When you’re online, your words are your outfit. How do you calculate your influence? How do you determine your impact? Your impact is your online reputation. What do you do when ‘influence’ is the currency?

Discovering your influence

Quora is a topic-based Q&A website. Users interactively collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to users’ answers. Being ‘followed’ is being ‘influential’. ‘Following’ identifies your ‘influence’. PeerIndex calculates the ultimate impact of your interactive activity online. The ‘Influence Graph’ is the medium through which your contents success is tracked and displayed. This market-leading influence intelligence gains you actionable insight and enhanced understanding into your social media community, highlighting the individuals and content which spark influence. PeerIndex delivers accurate, informative and consistent measurements of influence. This can turn social capital into real capital.

The steps are quick and simple. Log into PeerIndex and sign in with your twitter account. Add your Quora profile into PeerIndex by copying your Quora profile URL and simply paste it into your ‘Activated profiles’ in your PeerIndex. Then ‘Save’.

This automatically, accurately and consistently incorporates your influence on Quora into your Influence Graph on PeerIndex. For more information, contact WSI OMS.

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