Building up an email sales list is hard work – no one wants another subscription or sign-up clogging up their inbox. The folk out there are getting pretty picky about who can have their email details, with spam emails and phishing attempts on the rise. So how can you get more subscribers? Well, one way that’s tried and tested, is to incentivise, or plainly speaking, bribe.

“Sign up for my blog updates and get my eBook for free” … “Subscribe now and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your first order” …

These all work, but are common, so you need to find a way to incentivise that’s really going to catch and keep new readers. It has to something genuinely tempting, that your reader simply must have. So here are some suggestions:

  • Cheat sheet: a highly practical reference guide that outlines and shares valuable data and shortcuts. It offers time and effort saving and does not need to be complicated. Often quite visual, to be user-friendly.
  • Handy template: a framework for success based on what has already been effective for others. Select a template that is going to solve a problem or achieve a goal of your audience.
  • All-in-one toolkit: this gives your readers a number of tools in a single download, at the same time showing them your depth of knowledge. Videos, checklists and worksheets can be bundled together to provide maximum usefulness.
  • Blueprint: a concrete plan that breaks down a major process into small and digestible pieces. Whether in pdf or eBook format, this framework will allow your reader to achieve a specific task. It’s more intensive than a cheat sheet or template, but less bulky than the toolkit.
  • Case study: a success story about a person in your niche, one of your readers or a customer. This is great if you like storytelling, as you get to focus on emotions and characters, rather than facts and figures.
  • Video course: for readers who prefer visuals or more interaction, a video tutorial could cover one topic in depth, or several topics. You could also create a series, as long as the content is useful and meaningful.
  • A manifesto: this is a public declaration of your beliefs and principles. It could be presented as a written statement, or could include typography and graphics. If you publish it as a pdf, your readers can download it and keep it for inspiration.
  • Graphic giveaway: if you specialise in graphic or web design, you could use a fantastic freebie in exchange for sign-up. This could be a business card template, a desktop wallpaper, greeting card or poster.

It may sound labour intensive, but giving big means getting big, so it’s worth putting some effort. Showing potential subscribers that you value the relationship by sharing your ideas or skills will earn their time, attention and trust. For more on email marketing, contact us today.

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