Many conventional marketing approaches are too expensive for startups or small businesses, so inbound marketing with its various techniques, makes a lot of sense. Since inbound marketing is all about attracting prospects to your business – rather than actively going and out and searching for them yourself, using advertisements, cold-calling or direct mail – it’s a lot more affordable and successful.

Here are five techniques that can make a real difference to your business:

  1. Give away a free guide or eBook

Creating a guide or resource that relates to your business and offers solid information is a great way to establish a loyal following, as well as building up your email list. It’s a good idea to keep the guide as specific as possible, since you are targeting a certain type of visitor, one who will hopefully convert to a customer.

  1. Focus on relevant keywords and optimise them

To gain traffic from keywords used in searches, you have to use those keywords on your site. Rather than using loads of different keywords to cover all your bases, pick the few keywords that are really valuable and reflect exactly what your business offers. You can then create specific pages on your website that relate to those keywords.

  1. Ask and answers questions on social media

By following and interacting with companies on social media platforms, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field, which could ultimately lead to conversions. By actively participating in conversations, your name will be recognised and associated with your brand, resulting in a follower feeling like they know you already when visiting your site for the first time.

  1. Guest blog

By guest blogging, you can reach a larger audience, as well as build your personal brand and gain powerful linkbacks. A list of publishing brands on the landing page of where your guest blog appears can give you a lot of credibility and prestige.

  1. Create an email opt-in pop-up

Although some people hate them, a pop-up email opt-in is a very successful way to build an email list, which in turn builds your following.

Try some of these techniques, and see how they can benefit your business. For more on inbound marketing and how it can increase your business, contact us. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge digital marketing services to amplify your exposure.

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