If it’s happening in the USA, it’s starting to happen everywhere else. This applies to much in the Western World – from ideology through to consumer behaviour. So, the fact that digital ad spend has now outstripped TV ad spend, is a solid indicator of where your advertising budget needs to go.


Digital ad spend spikes in 2017 – thanks to mobile marketing 

According to Statista.com – an online portal that collects and collates statistical data – digital ad spend in the US has reached a phenomenal peak in 2017 and is projected to rise annually. This is mostly driven by mobile device use and the proliferation of mobile marketing.


Mobile marketing reaches users far more efficiently than traditional or even non-mobile internet marketing. It is also increasingly driven by data metrics on users from target market segments. This data is supplied by users’ online social profile metrics such as audience match rates and gauged by data onboarding such as ‘cookies’. All of this gives you as the advertiser an unprecedented insight into your target market segment: who they are, when and how to reach them and how to convert their response and interest into sales or further engagement with your content.


Digital marketing offers multiple and easily adaptable ways to reach audiences 

There are many more creative and variable ways in which to reach online audiences. This should be used to your advantage with far more adaptable online marketing efforts. Feedback on user and audience behaviour is more accessible than ever before through metrics and analytics. Thus, advertising campaigns can be adapted quickly and efficiently, maximising ROI.


TV could never come back to you with that kind of detail on your market! So, it’s no wonder that digital ad spend is outstripping ad spend on more traditional media.


Digital marketing can pay off from more than just ad spend

Digital marketing also offers many complimentary paid and so-called ‘organic’ methods to increase reach, engagement and sales through:

  • Social media marketing,
  • Content marketing,
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO), and
  • Link building.

These are all arms of a 3D marketing model built on the solid base of a great website design.


However, sticklers for traditional advertising methods need not be left out in the cold. You can still reach your customers when they are on the couch behind a bowl of popcorn by using technological advances that are rapidly erasing the hardware differences between your TV and your mobile device and multi-media platforms. All ad spend will become online ad spend, it’s just a matter of time – not much time either.


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