Whether you’re a copywriter or you only blog once a month, you probably know how great it feels when you’re able to complete a blog post in less than half an hour. Sometimes your ideas just flow together and you’re able to sit down and say exactly what you want to say without endless research, blog hopping for ideas and rewriting.

Unfortunately, writing isn’t like this every day. Not for copywriters and not even for experienced bloggers. Many times, you’ll have a great idea for a blog post but you don’t actually have time to sit down and write it or you know you need to add new content to your blog but you don’t know what. Here are a few strategies to address these problems:

Write down ideas

If you want to make your life difficult, try to produce blog posts while you’re sitting in front of your computer a few hours before deadline. Remember that ideas occur spontaneously, often when you’re driving in your car, in a meeting or watching a movie. Keep a notebook handy so that you can write down ideas as they occur. When it’s time start copywriting, simply flip open your notepad and rethink the ideas you’ve already come up with.

Be flexible

It’s easy to beat yourself up if you didn’t produce a blog post every Monday before 2pm. Instead of sticking to strict schedules, try to be flexible and write when creativity hits. You may find that you’ll create an entire month’s worth of content in advance if you write when you feel like writing and you aren’t trying to stick to a strict publishing schedule.

If all else fails, you can always find a reliable copywriter to outsource the work to. Contact WSI OMS for more information about outsourcing your copywriting.

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