Ready to get your company started on social media? It’s important to establish a social media presence as a way to promote your company, connect with your audiences and advertise yourself, but jumping in head first without a clear idea of what you want to accomplish can result in social media pages that aren’t effective. Many companies create social media pages that quickly lose steam; you may find that the content isn’t as interesting as it could be, the pages aren’t updated often enough and the pages don’t contain any interactive features. Here’s some advice from social media professionals.

Social media questions you need to ask yourself before you start:

  • How much time can I dedicate to my social media pages? Social media marketing and management can easily become a full-time job, so if you foresee time management problems then it’s wise to consult with professional social media marketers who can optimise and manage your online presence on your behalf.
  • What’s my competition doing? There’s nothing wrong with checking out your competitors. You can see what is and isn’t working for them, and you’ll be able to see where your efforts stand and be able to clarify your strategy.
  • Who is my audience? Social media has a tendency to generate quantity over quality, which isn’t always good. Many companies would prefer to have a smaller, loyal following rather than a large following of fair-weather fans. By developing content that is specifically targeted to your core, loyal followers, you’re more likely to acquire loyal customers.

At WSI we have a team of professional social media marketers who can assist you in managing your social media presence at all levels of involvement. Whether you want us to take over all of your social media pages or just advise you on how to build online communities, create a buzz or conduct research, we are standing by and ready to help you.

To learn more about social media services from WSI, please contact us today!

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