Did you know that one of the worst things you can do on the social web is ignoring the conversation taking place about your business or brand? Even if the conversation is positive and puts your business in a good light, acknowledging these comments can also help. What if people are complaining about your business? Do you want to know what they are saying?

Any business that’s ignoring customer complaints are basically telling their customers that they really don’t care. In all honesty, it won’t be long and that business will not have any customers at all. In today’s digital business marketplace, consumers can now complain and spread a message in seconds to their favorite social media channel reaching millions of members. It might not be fair, but this is the reality. And because this is the truth, it is important to monitor what is being said about your brand on the top social media channels.

Monitoring the social web

Monitoring the social web doesn’t mean that you have to engage on every single social media channel, but being active on the social web can help you increase awareness for your brand, and can also help turning a negative comment into a snowball. If you are not active, at the very least, put a process in place where you can proactively monitor what is currently being said about your business online.

Setting up a monitoring outpost is not that hard. There are many tools that you can use to help you with this and most of the top social media channels, provides easy ways to search for keywords and phrases. There are also many other ways you can monitor what is being said about you with free tools such as Google Alerts, Social Mention, and Netvibes to name a few, and a couple of pay tools such as Brandseye and Radian6 for a more in-depth analysis.

If you have a monitoring process to listen what is being said about your brand online it will notify you when someone mentions your brand, products or services that you specified. This can help you respond in real-time to concerns your customers are currently having in a timely manner, and at the end of the day show a true concern for your customers needs.