No, there is no potential overlap, there is a real and distinct overlap!

I have been reading all the latest articles about Social Media like Small Biz Ambivalent About Social Media. Then just yesterday on Social Media Gets Mixed Reviews From Small Business then on blogs section of the Wall Street Journal website… To Heck With Twitter, Business Owners Say.

Overall, 47% of small business owners and managers surveyed said they don’t use social media for business purposes at all. The survey also broke down each of the big players in the social media world, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the numbers for each of these individually are low with Twitter bringing up the rear as only 4% of respondents said they use Twitter.

After reading these articles and wondering aloud, ‘doesn’t anyone get this?’ There was one commenter on the WSJ piece who got it for sure…

“…What these business owners… are missing is the fact that Social Media is set to become THE way to spread word of mouth. Facebook is becoming the sewing circle of the future, and if you can get a group of people buzzing to each other online about your business, you can bring in more customers.”

C’mon people, business owners, marketers, advertisers, etc… Where do you think people are “talking” these days?

I will surely not trot out the latest Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn stats nor remind you of the accelerated growth of Google Plus… by now you know and have seen all the statistics.

Unfortunately in South Africa with our high walls and 24 h security talking to neighbors is not something we generally on a regular basis But what HAS changed is now when you get home and fire up your laptop or whip out your smart phones and start communicating with all your ONLINE friends all about the new shopping centre, gadget or great restaurant.

PCs, smart phones and tablets are now extensions of their mouths… in a matter of speaking.

They are now using keyboards in addition to their mouths to spread the word.

Why does that seem so obvious to me yet seems lost on so many others?

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