SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of increasing your website’s visibility in a search engine’s organic, unpaid results. For example, if a potential client has a problem and your company can provide the relevant solution, you want that person to be able to find you in the top results when they type a query into a search engine, without you having to pay that search engine for their ranking services.

5 steps to getting SEO to work for you: 

  1. Know your market: In order to see how SEO can work for you, you need to know where you stand in your own market and where you rank in search engine results. You can find quite a few market share calculators online that can help you find out what your untapped market potential really is.
  2. Know your competition: When you search using keywords that are relevant to your business or product, you will find out exactly who is ranking where and how they are competing with you. By monitoring these results, you will be able to develop an effective strategic response that will get you ahead of the competition.
  3. Build a content strategy: Search engines reward websites that consistently produce quality content, while pushing down websites that have little or no published content. The best way to improve your organic search rankings is to build a content calendar from which you can organise a consistent release of articles that incorporate keywords relevant to your business.
  4. Use social media: Social media platforms can be used to drive interested potential customers to your published content and on to your website. Google+ activity itself even reflects on organic search results, helping your brand to establish itself online.
  5. Analyse your results: This is the best way to keep track of your SEO, allowing you access to data that tracks your rankings and the time that people are spending on your website and content. You can use this information to see where your efforts are paying off as well as where you can expand your online presence.

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