Blogging is a multi dimensional kind of marketing method that can support your other internet marketing campaigns. I have been blogging for quite a while now and I strongly believe that your blog can be the heart and soul of many of your online marketing strategies.

Are you wondering how you can use a blog in your marketing efforts? I have identified 5 key areas that a blog can serve its purpose. Of course there are many other ways, but that discussion is for a follow-up post. Find below 5 ways a blog can help your internet marketing campaign.

Internet marketing and blogging

SEO: Every blog post that you publish is seen as a new webpage. Since Google ranks website pages, if you publish a new blog post every day for a year and each blog post is optimized for 2 specific keywords, then you will have 730 potential number 1 rankings for your blog on Google. That number doesn’t include all the benefits you can get from internal links.

Social media marketing: Your blog can be the center point of your social media marketing campaign and a blog is a conversation. This conversation can originate on other social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Smart internet marketers are figuring out how to get the conversation starting on their blog.

Brand building: With your blog you can create awareness of your brand. Your brand is your message and you should make it memorable in your blog posts that you publish.

Customer service: Customer service usually begins at first contact with a new customer. For many internet marketers, the first contact is through their blog. You can build your customer base one conversation at a time. Your blog readers can become customers, and your customers can become your brand ambassadors.

Online reputation management: Your image and reputation online is everything. By keeping your blog posts relevant and focused on your niche and the target audience you are trying to reach, promote your blogging message through all the other online channels you are using so that you are presenting yourself and your brand in a positive way.

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