Whether you already have a website or are creating a new one, WSI’s web design team is here to ensure that your site is high-performing and working at its maximum efficiency. Your website is what represents your company on the internet and millions of people have the potential to view it every day. Think of your website as your most valuable piece of internet property; you have to maintain it and make sure it’s up to standard in order to be certain it stands out.

Simply creating a website isn’t enough these days. There are many web design techniques and methods we use at WSI in order to identify areas of your website that need changing or improving. Link building is one service we offer; link building achieves a high service engine ranking by having as many good quality links coming to your website as possible. Our web design professionals can implement a link building strategy specifically designed to improve your website’s standing in search results.

If you want to know which pages of your website attract the most viewers and which pages aren’t performing well, WSI’s website analytics can provide you with the answers you need. Web analytics are a component of web design that include identifying your top keywords, identifying how customers interact with different pages of your website, understanding why potential customers are leaving your website to go elsewhere and much more. Once we’ve identified the things listed, we can make the necessary changes and improvements in order to make your website more efficient and high-performance.

Website optimisation is another important component of web design, and it includes analysing your current site and making changes designed to improve your search engine ranking. We analyse your site’s page titles, page headings, navigation structure, site map(s) and more. Then we make the appropriate changes in order to achieve higher search engine rankings.

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