As a copywriter, it’s not always easy to jump into the mind of a new company and tell their brand’s story. Regardless of how good the copywriter is, you’re going to need to provide some objective direction to get the ball rolling. Here are the things you need to look at to write a brand’s story:

Speak to the older people

Speak to the people who have been working at the company for a long time. If possible, try to speak to the actual founder of the company to find out what the goal was when the company was started. Even if you can find a “mission statement” somewhere in a company profile, an actual interview with the founder of the company (or people who have been with the organisation for a long time) will give you more insight about the original ideas behind the launch of the company.

Speak to the brand advocates

The evangelists will tell you what they love about the brand, why they recommend it to their friends and why they won’t switch to competitors. The words they use to describe the products and customer service will give you an idea of the type of words you need to include in your copywriting. Speak to the new employees People who are new to the company will give you an objective opinion about the vibe, the corporate culture, the people and the brand philosophy. Try to speak to someone who’s only been at the company for two or three months to get a fresh perspective as well. Need help with your copywriting? Contact WSI OMS today!