If you want to get better at writing, then you’re supposed to be writing every day. There are many other tricks but ultimately practice is what makes perfect. The same is true for content marketing.

Forbes estimates that only about 10% of any website’s content generates 90% of the traffic and less than 1% of the content is responsible for half of all the website’s visitors. So what’s the point of producing all the excess content on your website?

  1. First, you’re not going to know which news articles or blog posts produce the most traffic until enough time has passed. After about a month, you will probably be able to say which content was the most interesting to your readers.
  2. Second, you need to figure out what your criteria for ‘good content’ are. If all you care about is traffic, then you may only have to track page visitors on your Google Analytics. You may also want to check which pieces of content get the most social shares. You may not be writing the next extraordinary viral story, but it’s possible that some of your posts get a lot of views and shares on Facebook. Social shares should give you plenty of information about what you’re doing right.
  3. Finally, consider adding some kind of conversion metric to your content. You should know which type of content you produce is the most engaging, however, ultimately you should be producing more of the content that leads to your actual business goals.

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