If you want to differentiate yourself on LinkedIn, then you need to write a compelling summary. With over 202 million registered users and two new users joining every second, it’s worth your while to make sure that you stand out to potential clients, recruiters or business owners on LinkedIn.

Here are some tips to get the summary right:

Write in the first person

When you write in the first person, your LinkedIn profile becomes more personal and it makes a reader feel like they’re getting to learn more about who you are. If you write in the second person, it feels stiffer and like a company biography instead of a down-to-earth way to introduce yourself.

Follow a format

There’s a simple format or recipe that works well for all LinkedIn summaries. Firstly, introduce yourself and talk about who you are. Don’t talk from a company perspective but rather from a personal perspective. Secondly, talk about who you help in your professional career. Be subtle, but describe your target audience in a non-bashful way. Thirdly, finish off by explaining what you bring to the table and what you have to offer. Talk about how you help clients and companies achieve their goals and be sure to include contact details so that people can reach you. You can include your phone number, e-mail address and Twitter handle for good measure.

Include keywords

Instead of simply relying on your job title to appear in search results, integrate keywords your target audience would type into the search bar to find you. Don’t make this obvious or overdo it, just a few subtle keyword phrases is good enough.

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