The launch of Instagram Stories has been a game changer, but many brands report that fewer people are engaging with their feed photos since this launch. This means that marketers need to use videos along with photos if they want to effectively engage with their audience on Instagram.

The same rules that apply for photos also apply for videos on Instagram: you have to capture users’ attention within the first three seconds. If you are doing a video, you might want to consider adding text on top of the video or make sure that your video’s thumbnail is really interesting. When you record a video for Instagram, you have the option to scroll to the “Cover” option, move through your entire video and choose an interesting shot for your thumbnail picture.

If you have the ability to edit videos outside of Instagram and import it into Instagram, we highly recommend doing this. This way, you can film a video and include something like text or a well-designed heading to draw people into your video.

Solve a Problem

Your Instagram video should identify a problem that your target audience faces and show how your product or service can solve that problem. When you are able to solve a problem that a potential client faces, you will create an emotional bond with them. When they are ready to make a purchase, they will be spending their money with you.

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