A digital marketing strategy without videos is like bringing knives to a gunfight. Chances are you will always lose to the rival company who has made videos an intricate part of their digital marketing campaign. Numerous studies have proven that videos are not only great attention grabbers, but also tend to keep people’s attention a lot longer than large volumes of text. We live in a predominantly visual society, meaning that people want to see who you are and what you do and preferably not read about it. By ignoring this fact you are basically telling potential customers that you don’t care about their preferences, and who wants to do business with such a company? But how exactly does one use video effectively in one’s digital marketing strategy?

When it comes to this aspect of digital marketing it is always best to consult experts like WSI OMS who can advise you on the content of the videos you should post and how to ensure that they make the impact you want them to make. What follows, however, are things that every company that wants to go this route should remember:

  1. Only post videos that relate to you as a company and the products you are selling and/or service you provide. This doesn’t mean that your videos can’t be fun, humorous and/or energetic. It just means that your videos should always inform people about you and/or what you do.   
  2. Make sure your videos have good production quality. A cheaply made video will make you look cheap. People want to do business with companies that adhere to high quality standards and a cheap-looking video says exactly the opposite.
  3. Make your website the host site for your videos. This way people will be on your site while and after watching the video, making it easier for them to get in touch with you.

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