In my opinion, Twitter is definitely one of the best Web 2.0 channels to use in your social media marketing campaign. For many people and businesses it has provided an effective vehicle for internet marketing success.  It doesn’t mean that you will be successful for just being on Twitter, it is all about connecting with targeted audiences and establish lasting relationships with your network.

Find below a couple of Twitter tips to help you with your social media marketing campaign so that you can make the most of your tweets.

Twitter marketing tips

Be unique: While tweeting the title of a new blog post or a news article, it doesn’t always grab a users attention.  Coming up with your own creative and unique tweet description will separate you from the noise on Twitter.

Narrow your message down: You only have 140 characters to get your message out so it is no secret that shortness is key.  Always try to narrow your messages down to the key points, it may surprise you how much unnecessary content you can leave out.

Headlines: While being original is very important, your message should always be straight to the point and say exactly what it needs whilst grabbing the attention of readers.

Stats: Using interesting statistics and facts in a tweet can really catch a user’s eye.  If you are posting a new blog post or article, use a great statistic from the content rather that its own title when you are sharing it on Twitter.

Check the time: Research and check what time your targeted audience are active online.  If you are targeting university students, there’s really no point of tweeting during class times.  The best time to target that audience will be when they get home and eagerly checking what is happening online.

Focus: Always choose an area of interest or a topic and stick to it.  This way your followers will get a level of consistency and continuity. People like to know what they are getting.

Interact: Keep your followers in the loop as your pool of followers grow.  You don’t have to engage with your followers all the time, but every so often.  This will remind your followers that you are aware of their voice and you value it.

Links: If 140 characters is not enough to really say what you want to, link to the original content using a URL shortner such as  While this is not a form of link building, it will drive more traffic to the article and therefore help boost search engine rankings in the long run.

With your social media marketing strategy, take all of these points into account when you are writing your tweets.  This will help you get your message across over the noise.

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