Most people already know that Pinterest is the fastest growing social network at the moment. While many brands, like designers, retailers and even grocery stores, have received a lot of exposure for their brands on Pinterest, there are many companies (specifically “service providers”) who aren’t really seeing any results – mainly because they don’t know what to pin.

We always tell clients that you don’t have to be on every single social media network. That said, there are so many people on Pinterest that it makes sense to find ways to engage with your target audience on this website. But if you can’t take pictures of your physical products, what should you be pinning? Here are a few ideas for companies who aren’t selling take-home items:

  • Your team: You’ve got sales reps, account executives, a receptionist, a CEO and a project manager – and they’ve all got faces, biographies and a history with your company. Create a staff board where you can pin all your employees’ pictures with their titles and a short bio. It’s worth your while to have professional photos taken as you could use this on your website (and your employees could use the pictures for their LinkedIn profiles as well).
  • Show your events: If you go to trade shows, host an annual function or regularly attend conferences, you should create a board for these events. Take pictures of the venue, your stand, the live entertainment and of other people who attended the event. If you are able to pin photographs with other people in your industry, they will probably re-pin your photographs which will give you even more exposure.
  • Get better with pictures. Pinterest has forced us to think a bit longer and harder about the pictures we use on blog posts and articles. If you’re able to find unique, engaging images to include in your blog posts, you should share these pictures on Pinterest. Interesting images grab attention and will lead pinners to your blog posts.

These are only a few ideas to market your brand and company on Pinterest. Remember that Pinterest definitely isn’t about uploading catalogue pictures of products – it’s about sharing pictures that people would like to view and share.

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