Holidays and other notable days of the year are some of the “prime” periods for business owners and marketers to take advantage of. Here is how to use digital marketing on that big holiday and festive seasons:


Social Media Marketing

Make sure that you post content related to that big holiday coming up, you can do this a few days in advance of the actual day. You could also post something on the day. Chances are many folks are trawling the internet looking for special deals especially because of the holiday. This brings us to our next point…


• Create Special Discounts and Deals

Leverage the holidays to improve sales during slow months. As we’ve mentioned, people are always looking for a good deal. Offering a discount will encourage people to buy more because they are saving. Give them a reason to buy your product on this day. Some ideas include offering free delivery, buy-one-get-one-free specials or promotion codes.

You need to make sure that you use search engine optimisation to help your viewers find your promotion.


• Can Your Promo Help Your Customer?

Potential customers have problems – and you need to help solve them. The reason customers are looking at content on your website is in the hopes to find that missing solution to their problem.

Use your content marketing strategy to promote this solution for your customers.


•Let Your Audience Know in Advance

You can increase your sales by telling your audience about your specials in advance. Speak to your audience through digital advertising such as social media marketing, newsletters and emails. You could even take advantage of traditional advertising (TV commercials, newspapers, billboards, flyers, etc).

Using the holidays to your advantage can help to boost sales, especially during relatively slow months. 


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