LinkedIn is a professional social network that everyone should use if they want to grow their business online. LinkedIn is very different to other popular social networks such as Facebook as it has become the norm as the universal business network.

One of the most important keys to network on LinkedIn is to spend some time and building up your profile to be 100% complete. Your profile on LinkedIn is one of the central ways that others will find and network with you. The more information you include to complete your profile, the more searchable you will become and the more chance you will be able to make a connection with someone on the LinkedIn network.

Here’s a couple of tips on why LinkedIn is an excellent network to use for your business.

LinkedIn for business use

Increase business: Network marketing using LinkedIn increases your overall chances of connecting with targeted people on this network. Members of the network can search for services not only in their direct network, but also the members that are connected to their network.

Branding: It is important to increase your credibility if you want to become known as the expert in your niche. A strong presence can reinforce your strategy what you are doing elsewhere.

Networking tool: LinkedIn is seen as the most accepted network to connect with other professionals. Facebook is the biggest, but they do not cater for the same professional audience that LinkedIn covers. LinkedIn allows for reconnecting with old colleagues, vendors, and clients.

People search: LinkedIn features a powerful people search where you can find targeted people who you want to connect with. The LinkedIn database is organized and kept up to date with every member on the network.

Relationships: Who knows who in your LinkedIn network? Not only can you use your own network to connect with someone, but you can also connect with others that are connected to your network in some way. You can find who in your LinkedIn network has contacts at a certain organization that can give you a referral to connect with someone.