If you’re one of the many marketers who struggles to come up with unique, daily blog content, it’s time to turn to social media for content ideas. When you tune into chatter all across the web, you can source ideas that you know will resonate with your audience.

Sometimes, all it takes to craft your next month’s content calendar is to know where to ask the right questions. Here are a few tips to perfect social sourcing for your brand:

  1. Seed A Network For Your Question

Enter a network like LinkedIn and go to a group related to your industry. Take a few minutes to look at the current discussions in the community, the number of comments received, and who moderates the group. By evaluating the group, you can understand what like-minded professionals are talking about at this exact moment and you can ask local peers about a topic that you would like to share.

  1. Learn From Top Social Influencers

After you have read through a recent discussion in a selected group, pay attention to what certain influencers are saying about specific topics and what they are commenting on threads. You can pose questions at the users directly and their answers and insights can give you a better understanding of the pain points that exist within these networks. These insights can serve as great content inspiration for your brand.

  1. Co-Opt The Conversation

Once you’ve already engaged with contributors in social communities, take what you have learned and translate those insights into branded discussions. Share this content back into the communities where you sourced ideas and you will likely find that it engages new audiences as well. When you frequently interact with social users within groups, you realise new trends in your industry. A single, productive conversation with an influencer online can give you enough ideas to propel your entire content strategy forward.

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