There are over 500 million active professionals on LinkedIn. Just as you can have promoted Tweets on Twitter or Facebook ads, you can also opt for sponsored ads on LinkedIn.

Similar to other forms of paid advertising, you can easily control your budget and costs with LinkedIn’s sponsored content options. When creating sponsored content, you will have three options:

  1. Choosing to boost an update from your LinkedIn company page
  2. Choosing to boost an update from your LinkedIn showcase page
  3. Creating new sponsored content

LinkedIn has published a blog post listing best practices for sponsored content. Some of the key takeaways from this post include the following:

  • Write short, clear and catchy headings
  • Keep descriptive copy under 70 characters
  • Include a call to action in your content
  • Target your ads to specific locations. You can target people by job title, industry, function, and more. Be careful to not be too specific with your targeting or else you can be narrowing down your target audience too much. Read this blog for best practices for targeting sponsored ads.
  • Don’t simply share generic content: add your own insights and thought leadership to trend pieces
  • Use multimedia such as infographics, video, text, and images
  • Use A/B testing so that you can continue to measure and optimise your ads. Relook your ads every few weeks and pause a low performing ad.

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