Google Tag Manager is a free tool developed by Google to meet an increasingly pressing need for ease of access, functionality and complex data collection-made-easy as the digital and digital marketing world becomes more complex – and it’s great for SEO.

SEO is all about tracking user behaviour and responding to it to give users what they want and like. Google Tag Manager is, therefore, a powerful SEO tool in that it:

  • enables advanced tracking and data collection from multiple sources, far beyond what can be gained from Google Analytics alone
  • enables faster, more flexible and more directed response to that data
  • reduces the need for time-consuming (and often costly) coding by developers
  • offers direct control through an easy-to-use platform
  • enhances the functionality of marketing programs that can otherwise slow the site page loading


A one-stop tool for ‘faster, better, easier and more intelligent’ tracking has the potential to be the SEO (and digital marketing) equivalent of a jet full of rocket fuel vs. a WW2 prop-plane. That is, if used correctly, to its full potential and by the people directly invested in using it: the SEO and digital marketing team.


Tags for tracking and data collection

For the client: a tag is a snippet of code that tracks and collects specific data sets showing user response to digital marketing efforts: from websites, social media platforms and mobile apps. This data is relayed to respective third party platforms such as Google Analytics.  Tags track user behaviour such as engagement, sharing, remarketing, AdWords conversions, click-through, etc.

Collectively this tracking data provides crucial information for social media marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO and related strategies such as link building and further website design and development.

Google Tag Manager gives you and your team direct control

Traditionally, tags were installed and managed by developers in accordance to your website design and whatever data sets were required at the outset and over the course of an SEO or content marketing strategy. However, Google Tag Manager allows instant and direct control of tag installation and management: by you or your digital marketing team.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you make the most of Google Tag Manager. We will maximise SEO and boost your overall digital marketing strategy.

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