Does your social media marketing campaign include Google+ post ads? Often referred to as +Post ads, this feature from Google+ gives your content major visibility and you can use +Post ads to promote your content to an extremely wide audience. The opportunities to connect with your target audiences and reach out to new audiences are endless and here is how +Post ads help you do exactly that:

  • The particular social media marketing channel you’re using defines the tactic you’ll use. For example, your Facebook posts aren’t visible on Twitter, your Instagram photos aren’t accessible on YouTube, etc., but +Post ads allow you to break free of those confines and put your content in front of millions of people.
  • +Post ads appear as advertisements on relevant third-party websites. There’s no limit to what your ad can contain – video clips, images, Google hangouts, written content and more. You can create and manage +Post ads through your AdWords account.
  • What’s unique about +Post ads is that anyone who sees your ad and is logged into Google can comment, +1, or share the ad without going to Google+. All of the actions can be done within the ad, making it super convenient for the viewer to use the content in the ways they want.

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