The value in a carefully considered and researched social media marketing strategy has long been established, with businesses around the world embracing social media marketing as a means to take their brand to unparalleled levels of success. As one of the most popular social media tools, Facebook affords the perfect opportunity to engage in fruitful social selling. Yet, often businesses take their brands to Facebook without sufficiently understanding not only how to implement a Facebook campaign, but what to look for once a campaign is launched. Monitoring any campaign is crucial, where Facebook is no exception. Fortunately, Facebook Insights allows for the effective monitoring of a social media campaign. But, the question remains, how does this tool work?

Facebook Insights is a tool developed by Facebook, which permits users to track the interaction which transpires on their Facebook Fan Page. As a business, a Facebook Fan Page is essential, as it provides a social space for customers to discuss and interact with your brand. Access to Facebook Insights is available to anyone who is classified as a member of the admin team on a page, where such users can edit and alter the page content. The tool allows users to monitor their social media campaign, in terms of ascertaining which content is thriving on the page. For instance, Facebook Insights can be used to determine which posts have obtained the most shares, likes and comments. The tool is also valuable in terms of establishing the demographics of the people interacting on your page, where the gender and city of residence can be tracked, providing useful information for future marketing strategies. If you have access to Facebook Insights, play around with the tool, and you will be amazed to discover the insights which you can gain.

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