By now, most businesses know that they should have a business Facebook page – with over a billion daily users, it’s easy to see why. There are a number of ways to grow your business and following through Facebook, well worth a shot, even if you don’t like using Facebook very much.

With targeted advertising, you can reach a very specific audience, which you should have determined by looking closely at your existing customer base and buying personas. It’s quite amazing just how targeted your audience can be with Facebook – by age, gender, status, geography, hobbies, employment type, likes and dislikes. How broad or niche the market your product or service is aimed at, will determine the type of targeting you need to aspire to.

Facebook users love being entertained – after all, it is a social network. Using short and to the point video posts that are quirky, funny or pull some emotional strings work very well to capture attention. While you obviously want to market your business, product or service, showing a lighter side of your company will go a lot further than a boring five-minute monologue on your latest offering. If your video can engage a viewer in the first 15 seconds, you’ve got them hooked in.

Facebook contests, although nothing new, are tried and trusted and virtually guaranteed to get you more followers. It’s worth keeping it simple and fun – like asking people to submit photos with your product, or suggesting captions for amusing pictures. If there’s a cool prize involved, people will participate and share.

Although it sounds like the cliché of the year, posts featuring cute dogs, babies and kittens still work. Even if dogs, cats or kids don’t relate to your business in any way, an adorable image with a quirky caption grabs attention and bizarrely, is very likely to be shared – a lot. It doesn’t really matter how vague the link is back to your company. A picture of an angry puppy growling at a ping pong ball is more enticing than one of a frustrated worker at a laptop.

Through Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature, you can upload a list of emails and target the leads you’ve already captured, with a more personalised advert. If you already have people on your page who liked a post or downloaded something, send them more of what they like. Another useful feature, the Lookalike Audience, allows you to expand your reach and find new leads by targeting an audience that has similar features to your existing one.

Use fun pictures of your employees to engage your audience – it’s not just about pushing your product. Your followers are likely to become more loyal if they feel they ’know’ you. With everyone having a camera on their mobile, there’s likely to be a good supply of amusing photographs you can use, or set up photo booths on celebration days, like Valentine’s Day or National Slipper Day.

Lastly, in the same vein as the cats and dogs, using emojis in your Facebook marketing posts can add emotion and personality to your content. Just why they work is a bit of mystery, but since over 90% of online users like emojis and believe they express their feelings more accurately than words, it’s probably worth a shot.

For more on the mysteries of social media and how to get your digital marketing producing results, contact us – we’d love to show you our collection of cute cat pictures. Only joking.

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