Humans are visual people, so it’s no surprise then that when it comes to social media, images and videos are king. Of course, not every image will get shared. For the purposes of social media marketing, there are some design tricks you can use to ensure your images are highly shareable. Here they are.

  1. Make use of handy online tools
    Great images don’t necessarily need the latest version of Photoshop to be sharable. Using an online tool such as Canva, you can create graphics that look fantastic and are formatted perfectly to fit social media platforms.
  2. Reduce the amount of text
    A wall of text is extremely unattractive. An image says a thousand words on its own, so reducing the amount of actual text you use will make your image more eye-catching and therefore, more sharable. This is especially true with social media platforms such as Pinterest, where posts are pinned in a quick moment for their visual appeal. For many, pinning an image doesn’t even have much to do with where the image links to.
  3. Use high quality images
    Whether you took the photo yourself or you bought a stock image, make sure the quality is high. Nothing looks worse than a stretched out, pixelated image. No one wants to share (or Pin!) pictures like that.
  4. Take advantage of the latest image trends
    A quick scan of Pinterest will give you an idea of what kind of image and layout is “in” at the moment. Mountain scenery with inspirational quotes, flat lays of multiple objects and beautiful close-ups are just some of the types of images which pop up under the “Popular” section on Pinterest. Hop on the bandwagon and see your shares go up.

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