As any company with a Facebook page knows, getting people to like and follow your page isn’t as easy as you think it might be. If you’ve already let your clients and employees know about your Facebook page, then it’s time start thinking a bit broader to find relevant new fans.

While there are tricks to getting tons of fans, these often don’t have sustainable or good effects on your business (paying people to like your page, for example, will only lead to a bunch of people in perhaps different countries liking your page and these followers will never convert to paying clients). It’s extremely important for you to focus on attracting an audience that will bring you business.

One thing that you can do is create a very simple Facebook Page Like Ad. The copy and the imagery need to appeal to your target audience and ask them to like your page. If possible, offer something of value in return for liking your page.

The targeting of these ads is very important. With custom audiences, you can target your offline audiences on Facebook. You can use your email list or your phone number list to tell Facebook who the ads should appear to. Once you have created this list, you can have Facebook find users who are similar to those on your list so that you can broaden your audience. This tool is called “lookalike audiences”.

Another way to target relevant people is to use the “website custom audiences” tool. This enables Facebook to show your ads to people who have visited your website in the past.

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