People of importance are in that position for a reason. They’re ‘big picture’ people, strategists and they see the end-goal before the project has even kicked off. However, a common trait among VIP’s is their inability to write properly. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves unsure of how to tell them they have a problem with proper grammar. It’s not easy telling someone their writing isn’t good (anyone from a professional writer to a CEO would be offended). Copywriting wasn’t meant for everyone, but it’s your job as a copywriter to make sure the content on a website, blog or in an article reads well.

One of the best ways to tell people that they cannot write well is to simply suggest a copywriter. They will often be relieved that someone else will be handling the writing task. If the person is weary of entrusting the copywriting to somebody else, tell them the copywriter can come and interview them, write the piece and then send it to them for final approval before the article is published. I’ve noticed that the phrase “final approval” gives people a sense of control, which might make them more willing to handover the copywriting.

Offering constructive criticism can also help. No one appreciates someone saying that they can’t write, but the approach of, “if you change this, you’ll get you’re point across” is simply a friendly suggestion that is meant to help the person succeed. If the person is assertive and cares about the message they are portraying, they’ll more than likely be very open to suggestions.

When suggesting professional copywriting to an important person, you need to convey that they not only save time on their writing, but that a copywriter can adjust their written work to speak to their target audience more effectively.

Whatever the case may be, negative criticism towards anyone in regards to their copywriting is a tactic that will always fail. Be positive, encouraging and helpful when you need to offer copywriting services to an important person.


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