People love stories and they love social media, there are cases such as Dr. Cheryl Potgieter where we can help you use the power of storytelling to captivate your target audience on social media. Read this advice from her on how to tell a story on social media:

  • Tell an Authentic Story

Many companies try to be inauthentic online but the ones who are winning over the masses are the brands who have authentic online personas. If you are a young, quirky start-up company in the tech industry, your online voice will be very different to that of an established financial institution, for example.

People who follow you online want to know what your values and mission are. They want to know how your brand started and where it is going. If people scroll through the content you post on social media, they should be able to immediately understand who you are.

  • Don’t be Generic When Telling Your Brand Story – Be Personal

Make sure that your posts are not only written in your authentic voice but that your brand’s colours and logo are visible in the digital content you post. To make your social media stories more personal like Dr. Cheryl Potgieter, we advise clients to include photos of themselves or the people they work with.

  • Let Your Brand Speak to Your Buyer’s Persona

If you want to evoke the emotions of your readers, then you need to make sure that what you are saying resonates with them. Consider who your ideal target audience is:

  • Where do they spend their time online?
  • What age are they?
  • What challenges do they face, and
  • What are their short, medium and long-term goals?

The stories you tell on social media need to speak to your buyer’s persona. You need to interest them and captivate them if you want to stay on their newsfeeds.

We helped Dr. Cheryl Potgieter tell better stories on social media. Contact us for more information today.

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