Do you want to include blogging in your digital marketing mix? Great! Not only is content marketing one of the best ways to boost conversations and engagement, but it is also a vital part of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy

For the purpose of this blog post, we are not referring to the maps or other items in the top of Google’s search results. We are discussing how to compete for organic space in the top ten blue links on page one of Google’s search results with local pages.

By ‘local pages’, we mean pages by a national or international business that are location specific. An example of this would be, who has location specific pages for Seattle, NYC, and other cities in America. doesn’t have a brick and mortar premises in these areas

. Here are a few things to do to get started with your blogging strategy:

  • Consider Your Platform(s)

Where will you be publishing your blog posts? You could consider the following:

  • Add a ‘newsroom’ or ‘articles’ tab on your website,
  • You could launch a separate WordPress blog, or
  • You could decide that you will only be publishing LinkedIn Pulse blogs.

Each option has pros and cons. So, chat with a digital marketer about the best option for your business.

  • Frequency And Authors

Content creation can quickly become a time-consuming process, especially if writing is not your main job, in some cases, you may need some help from Consider how often you intend to publish blogs, whether other people in your business will also be contributing to the content schedule, and whether certain writing tasks can be outsourced to a copywriter.

  • Plan Your Content

If you have decided to publish a blog post every second week, then you will need a calendar with topics and themes that you have to stick to. All too often, people kick off their blogging strategy with a bang but quickly stop writing after the first post or two. A calendar will make sure you stick to your content plan and help you map out what to write about according to seasonal trends, promotions, launches, conferences, or other relevant events in your industry.

  • Make Sure Your Content Gets Read

If you are publishing LinkedIn Pulse blogs but you only have 5 connections on LinkedIn, then you won’t be getting a lot of traction. Make sure you have social media profiles to share your content on, work on growing your online community and use other platforms (such as email, newsletters and your website) to distribute your content.

Do you need help with your digital marketing, social media or content marketing strategy? Then contact WSI OMS today.

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