Everyone wants their social media marketing campaign to create a stir. Getting your name out there and getting people excited about your business, its brand and your products is an obvious goal for anyone embarking on the journey of online digital marketing. The secret to creating a riot of enthusiastic supporters for your social media marketing campaign is to grab your target audience’s attention and know exactly what to do with it!

Social media marketing presents an exciting opportunity to build your own audience or following. The trick however is not just to grab someone’s attention – it is to have the power to get that person, or group of people spurred into action. That could mean making enquiries, buying products, getting other’s interested and so on – and you have the power to make this happen.

4 stages to creating your social media riot

History dictates that riots follow a general pattern and over the years 4 stages have been identified. By following these strategies closely, you too can create a riot – for your social media marketing campaign of course. The stages are as follows:

  • A frustrated and bothered group of people – if you are supplying a product or service, chances are that you have competition in the industry too. There is a very big chance that there are unhappy and frustrated customers out there and you can tap into this market to get your riot started. Find a way to solve their problems by providing advice, better products and similar. Where do you find these frustrated people? Facebook, Twitter and various other threads for a start.
  • Common enemy number 1 – the best way to develop brand fanatics is to make them feel like there is a competition between two products or even schools of thought. By making comparisons and ensuring that you drive a passion for your product via your followers, you will soon get the frenzy of your social media riot going.
  • Spark of emotions – to get your now engaged audience acting and rioting for your product or brand, you merely need to touch them on an emotional level. Get them excited about a competition, show them how your product can change and enrich their lives and you will have them hooked. You can do this via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and so on. Emotions are a great source of action – feed it.
  • Fuel the fire – the thing about a riot is that once it starts, it spreads like wild fire. Of course you want to get your audience talking. Controversial topics are one thing, but getting your followers to refer a friend for incentive or asking other professionals in the industry (who, by now you have made connections with) to repost your most popular posts, is a great way to fuel the fire and spread the word.

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