So you’re interested in Google Plus and want to add your company to this increasingly popular social network? If you’re not already convinced, read my previous post about why Google+ is great for business.

You don’t have to be a digital marketer or a tech fundi to add your business to Google+ – here are a few easy steps to get a business page up and running on this platform:

  • Use a Gmail account: One thing that Google+ still needs to improve on is its administrative capabilities. Avoid unnecessary hassles by using a Gmail account that can be accessed by multiple administrators (like The reason for this is because you can’t assign multiple administrators to your Google+ Page (which is the case with a Facebook Page) and if you want different people to access your page, you’re going to need a generic account instead of your personal account. Google+ is busy working on improving this feature though, so you will probably be able to add multiple administrators for your Page pretty soon. In the meantime – stick to a generic Gmail account.
  • Create your page: Go to this page to create your Google+ Account. You will be taken to a simple web page that will ask you to choose between four categories for your business: Local Business or Place; Product or Brand; Company, Institution or Organization; Arts, Entertainment or Sports. Here you can give your business name, website URL, industry and so forth. The Google+ wizard works similarly to the Facebook Page creation wizard, so it will be pretty easy to set up if you’re familiar with social media accounts and profiles.
  • Personalise your Google+ Page: Add your company’s logo and a one-liner of what your company does. Once you’ve personalised your page, share a few links and updates (the next step involves promoting your page and you don’t want to promote a Google+ Page that looks empty or boring).
  • Promote your Google+ Page: Start adding people to your circles and sharing relevant content. If you want people to add your page to their circles, you’re going to have to invest some time in making it interesting and likable.

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